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Posted by Charles Preuss on 12/5/18 1:50 PM

With outcomes like improved safety, lowered labor costs, faster issue resolution, increase of quality and an improved customer experience, recent emerging technologies are changing the game for the construction industry.

As of 2017, 83% of firms say mobile capabilities are important or very important. Recent developments in mobile apps for construction can lead to reduced construction delays by enabling real-time information gathering at the job site. Mobile apps also streamline communication with owners and project stakeholders, reducing errors, and more quickly resolving issues.

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Tags: Construction, Communication, Tech solutions

Mobile AR: What it is and what the future holds

Posted by Charles Preuss on 10/17/18 8:00 AM

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality: these are all buzzwords today but what do they really mean and what impact will they have on our world? Let’s start with some basic definitions.

  • Augmented reality (AR): the addition or overlay of digital content to our physical world, in which the digital content does not react with the real world
  • Virtual reality (VR): an immersive artificial reality that replaces the real world, allowing the user to interact within that virtual world
  • Mixed reality (MR): the addition of digital content to the physical world, where the content can also interact with physical elements (mix of AR and VR)

For this blog, we’ll explore augmented reality, specifically mobile AR, both as it exists now and what to expect in the future.

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Tags: Construction, Communication, Tech solutions, AR, Augmented Reality, Mobile AR

Tech Solutions Needed to Address Construction Industry Challenges

Posted by Charles Preuss on 9/25/18 4:55 PM

The construction industry faces a number of serious challenges that, if not addressed, will hamper its growth and hurt the global economy as building demand increases. Many of these challenges are interrelated and don’t have an obvious solution. However, emerging technology offers a lot of promise to solve specific problems within the industry.

This blog overviews some of the top construction challenges today and exciting technology solutions aiming to address those problems.

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Tags: Construction, Communication, Tech solutions

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