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How Does Imajion Make Remote Work... Work?

Posted by Charles Preuss on 4/30/19 10:00 AM

Imajion’s CTO, Adrian Hatch, works alongside a team of all-star developers as a programmer and project manager, contributing the codebase of the HoloLens application, directing product development, and acting as a translator between the customer’s requirements and our engineering efforts.

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Tags: Construction, Tech solutions, AR, Augmented Reality

The Future of Construction

Posted by Charles Preuss on 4/4/19 11:00 AM

Construction has come a long way since the mud and clay that it started with. From safety regulations to mobile devices to Computer Aided Design, even to motorized vehicles, innovation has made a world of difference. These recent tech trends have had drastic impacts on the construction industry, such as improved safety, increased efficiency and additional focus on sustainability.

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Tags: Construction, Tech solutions, AR, Augmented Reality

Mobile AR: What it is and what the future holds

Posted by Charles Preuss on 10/17/18 8:00 AM

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality: these are all buzzwords today but what do they really mean and what impact will they have on our world? Let’s start with some basic definitions.

  • Augmented reality (AR): the addition or overlay of digital content to our physical world, in which the digital content does not react with the real world
  • Virtual reality (VR): an immersive artificial reality that replaces the real world, allowing the user to interact within that virtual world
  • Mixed reality (MR): the addition of digital content to the physical world, where the content can also interact with physical elements (mix of AR and VR)

For this blog, we’ll explore augmented reality, specifically mobile AR, both as it exists now and what to expect in the future.

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Tags: Construction, Communication, Tech solutions, AR, Augmented Reality, Mobile AR

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