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Emerging Technology in the Construction Industry

Posted by Charles Preuss on 8/24/18, 11:32 AM

Emerging Technology in the Construction Industry

The construction industry has lagged behind others in terms of technology, and is currently the second least digitized sector in the U.S. (and one of the least digitized industries worldwide). This lack of technology adoption has nearly stagnated construction labor-productivity growth in the past 20 years. In fact, if the construction industry were to catch up with the rest of the world, it could add approximately $1.6 trillion to the global economy.

In recent years, however, the construction industry has seen something of a tech boom, with several emerging technologies offering huge benefits to the industry.

Why the need for emerging tech?

There are many challenges in the construction industry today that can be addressed with technological or digital advances.

  • Heavy manual labor and a high potential for worker injuries
  • Disconnected project teams that struggle to communicate efficiently, largely due to reliance on older tech such as spreadsheets and physical paper
  • Frequent time-consuming and expensive travel by stakeholders to the jobsite
  • Increased—and unmet—expectations of clients for speed, efficiency, and quality as everything else in the world is speeding up

The hurdles all add up to poor productivity, causing construction project budget and time overruns, and unhappy clients.

Technology solutions transforming the industry

With so many challenges in the construction industry today, there are countless opportunities for problem-solving tech solutions. Here are some of the emerging technologies that construction firms today are beginning to embrace (or are soon to come on the horizon):

  • Robotics and automation eliminate dangerous manual or repetitive work, decrease injuries and accidents, save time. These options also increase precision for complex designs and intricate work.
  • Similarly, wearable exoskeletons are designed to help workers perform difficult, heavy, and dangerous jobs much easier, reducing injuries and improving efficiency.
  • Drones are being used to map construction sites, streamline safety inspections, and provide absolute accuracy in measurements.
  • Project collaboration tools have begun streamlining communications among project stakeholders and centralizing all project data for quick access.
  • Emerging virtual and augmented reality technologies take digital collaboration further, creating an immersive jobsite environment for stakeholders to visit remotely, allowing for real-time decision making, reduced travel and much faster communication.

Imajion is at the forefront of the emerging technology movement, developing virtual reality and hologram tools that streamline communication among all project stakeholders, boost efficiency, easily store and manage various data, reduce travel, and more.

Learn more about Imajion or get in touch to schedule a demo. 

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